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Aurelia Michałowska

Aurelia Michałowska from 2009 until the appointment to the position of Mazovian Education Superintendent was the headmistress of the Primary School No. 4 in Radom (Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 im. św. Kazimierza Jagiellończyka). Between 2007-2009 she was a deputy head of the Department of Education, Sport and Tourism in the Town Council in Radom. She also worked in the Education Office in Warsaw  - as an inspector in Radom Branch.

She is a certified teacher with 30 years of work experience, has got a second degree of specialization. She graduated from the University of Warsaw in the field of preliminary education. She also completed postgraduate studies in the field of integrated education, education management, oligophrenic pedagogy, information technology and marketing, as well as numerous courses and trainings (including pedagogical supervision, media education in school practice).

She is interested in tourism and sports.


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