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I Mazovian Education Deputy Superintendent

Dorota Skrzypek

Before being appointed to the position of I Mazovian Education Deputy Superintendent, Dorota Skrzypek acted as headmistress of a Municipal Nursery School in Siedlce. Earlier, for six years she had worked as an inspector in Siedlce branch of  the Education Office in Warsaw.

She is a teacher with thirty years of work experience in schools and nursery schools, also in managerial positions. Between 2004-2006, she performed the duties of the head of the Educational Complex in Grochów, and between 2007 and 2008 as the head of the Department of Social Affairs in the Municipal Council in Węgrów.

She graduated from the Higher School of Pedagogy in Olsztyn - MA in early childhood education. She also completed postgraduate studies in the field of social therapy of children and young people, information technology, organisation and management of education. She  has qualifications in oligophrenic pedagogy and pedagogical supervision. She is an expert on the list of the Ministry of National Education in the field of professional promotion of teachers.

Her interests include traveling around Poland and sports.


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